See more distortion correction and colour correction examples  

 LensTool - custom one-click image correction


Enhance your Images with LensTool Desktop Softwarelens distortion correction, chromatic aberration correction

Distortion Correction Colour Aberration Correction

LensTool is a desktop software package for photographers that removes distracting lens distortions and colour aberrations. The user friendly software is based on six years of research into lens correction algorithms for accurately modelling and removing these aberrations.


Unlike other software LensTool empowers the user to calibrate their own lenses for subsequent image correction. Hence there is no need for third party calibrations. LensTool performs both lens calibration and image correction.



See distortion correction and chromatic aberration examples

Get the Most from your Lenses!

LensTool removes geometric lens distortion - where straight lines appear curved in images. This distortions are either barrel or pincushion, depending on the direction of curvature. LensTool also fixes lateral chromatic aberration - where phantom colour fringes appear at high-contrast edges in images.


Experience the lens correction power of LensTool for yourself by downloading the free trial now!


Read more about lens distortion and lateral chromatic aberration in our technology section.


LensTool benefits

  • Calibrate any lens in just three simple steps

1. User captures a one-off set of images for the calibration of a lens

2. LensTool automatically processes these images

3. LensTool automatically corrects all subsequent images at the click of a button


  • Easily browse and inspect images in raw format from most digital cameras

  • Batch processing

  • Free trial allows 25 calibrations or corrections, no strings attached

  • Operates on images in raw format only and only images that are captured by cameras with Bayer RGB sensors (e.g. not Fuji cameras incorporating X-Trans sensors). Most modern digital cameras utilise Bayer RGB sensors.

            (note LensTool cannot be used with jpeg, tiff or other non-raw formats)




  • Windows 8/7/XP
  • OS X 10.7/10.8
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 70 MB Hard Disk space




  • Lens Distortion Removal
  • Colour Aberration Removal (Lateral Chromatic Aberration)
  • Single-click correction
  • For Windows and Mac





LensTool Browse Panel


The Browse panel facilitates easy selection and viewing of raw images in your file system. On clicking on a raw image in the file browser, a thumbnail image is displayed, with accompanying image information such as shooting settings. The full image can be loaded - for close-up inspection - by clicking on the thumbnail image. Intuitive controls allow adjustment of the image brightness, rotation, scale and panning.

LensTool image browse tab



LensTool Calibration Panel


The Calibration panel enables the selection of images for the calibration of a lens. The names, calibration status, and image information for the selected images are displayed. Descriptions for the camera and lens used to capture the calibration images are entered  - these are used to label and identify the generated calibration.

LensTool lens calibration tab



LensTool Correction Panel


Images are corrected in the Calibration panel. The images to be corrected are selected, and their names, correction status and other image information are displayed. Convenient drop-down boxes enable the selection of the camera and lens used to capture the images. Check boxes enable control over the type of aberrations to correct.

LensTool image correction tab



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